A Learning problem is a Reading problem

Reading forms the basis of learning and academic success. Unfortunately a great number of learners struggle with underachievement in reading due to their lack of phonics and comprehension skills, or because of possible learning difficulties. Learners who struggle with reading skills, unfortunately not only fall behind academically, but also suffer from low self-esteem, feeling like a failure, as well as experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety at not being able to successfully complete classroom tasks.

The good news is that with early detection of any such problems and with the correct help most reading problems can be successfully addressed. Unfortunately most parents wait too long before seeking the necessary help and support their child needs. The older the child with a reading problem, the more difficult it becomes to successfully correct it.

Identifying struggling readers

A struggling reader is a child who:

  • experiences stress and anxiety when having to complete tasks
  • still relies on sounding/spelling words before being able to read it
  • has a slow, strenuous reading speed, pausing often
  • cannot remember what he/she has just read
  • cannot  spell
  • does not enjoy reading
  • has untidy handwriting
  • has problems distinguishing foreground from background
  • has problems with laterality
  • has excellent mathematical skills
  • switches words around in the spoken language
  • struggles academically

If you have answered yes to most of these points, your child might be suffering from a reading problem that can have  a major influence on his/her successful progress in school, if not addressed immediately.

The Tina Cowley Eversdal Reading Centre offers learners with reading problems the necessary support and skills training to overcome their reading problems.  We evaluate each learner per ophtalmographic test to determine each individual’s reading problem; therefore we know how to address your child’s specific problem; thus ensuring guaranteed results.  Furthermore we work closely with occupational and speech therapists, as well as psychologists and will refer learners to these professionals should the need arise. Contact us today to book an evaluation for your child; thus ensuring your child’s success.